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  1. CA Seismic Safety Commission
  2. CA Student Sustainability Coalition
  3. Cal Ski and Snowboard Club
  4. Calgary Sport and Social Club
  5. Calgary Sport Social Club
  6. Calgary Synchronized Skating Club
  7. California Safe Schools Coalition
  8. California Seismic Safety Commission
  9. California Soil Survey Committee
  10. California Space and Science Center
  11. California Space Science Center
  12. California Species of Special Concern
  13. California State Seismic Commission
  14. California State Speech Council
  15. California Statewide Survey of Caregivers
  16. California Student Sustainability Coalition
  17. Cambridge Speed Skating Club
  18. Campolo School for Social Change
  19. Campus Sustainability Steering Committee
  20. Canada Soil Survey Committee
  21. Canada Student Service Corp
  22. Canada Student Service Corporation
  23. Canadian Soil Survey Committee
  24. Cancer Survivors and Supporters Caucus
  25. Canmore Speed Skating Club
  26. Capital Site Selection Committee
  27. Capital Ski Sports Club
  28. Cardiovascular Special Studies Center
  29. Cargill Steel Service Centers
  30. Cargo Ship Safety Certificate
  31. Caribbean Sports and Social Club
  32. Carolina Select Soccer Club
  33. Caspian Sea Shipping Company
  34. Catholic Secondary School Counselors
  35. Catholic Social Services Center
  36. CEDAR Science Steering Committee
  37. Cedar Splinters Soccer Club
  38. Center for School Study Councils
  39. Center for Science Society and Citizenship
  40. Center for Sino Swiss Competence
  41. Center for Social Studies and Culture
  42. Center for Studies of Social Change
  43. Center for the Study of Sexual Culture
  44. Center Service Support Center
  45. Centex Storm Soccer Club
  46. Central Services Standing Committee
  47. Central Shop Stewards Committee
  48. Central Silkworm Seed Committee
  49. Central Special Skin Clinic
  50. Central Staff Selection Commission
  51. Central Supply Service Center
  52. Centralian Senior Secondary College
  53. Centralized Student Services Center
  54. Centre for Safe Schools and Communities
  55. Centre for Science Society and Citizenship
  56. Centre for Science Society Citizenship
  57. Centre for Study of Social Change
  58. Centre for Surface Science and Catalysis
  59. Centre for the Social Study of Childhood
  60. Centre for the Study of Sexuality and Culture
  61. Centre for the Study of Social Change
  62. Centre Stage South Carolina
  63. Centric Software Systems Consortium
  64. Certified Six Sigma Champion
  65. Chabot Science Space Center
  66. Chabot Space and Science Center
  67. Chabot Space and Science Centre
  68. Chabot Space Science Center
  69. Changi Sea Sports Club
  70. Chaplain Service Staff College
  71. Chapman Sands Sailing Club
  72. Charlottesville Sanitary Supply Corporation
  73. Charlottesville Sports Social Club
  74. Charter School Service Center
  75. Charter School Services Center
  76. Chemical Safety and Surveillance Committee
  77. Chemical Social Service Corps
  78. Chemicals Selection Sub Committee
  79. Chemicals Standards Sub Committee
  80. Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor
  81. Chesapeake Science Security Corridor
  82. Chesapeake Select Soccer Club
  83. Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal
  84. Chicago Sanitary and Ship Channel
  85. Chicago Ship and Sanitary Canal
  86. Chicago South Swim Club
  87. Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Club
  88. Child Safety Service Centre
  89. Child Safety Service Centres
  90. Child Support Services of Colorado
  91. Children Services Social Care
  92. China Southern Securities Co
  93. China Sports Service Company
  94. China Stainless Steel Council
  95. China Standard Software Co
  96. China Standard Software Company
  97. China State Shipbuilding Company
  98. China State Shipping Corporation
  99. Chinese Social Service Center
  100. Chinese Student Soccer Club
  101. Chinese Students and Scholars Club
  102. Chinese Students Scholars Club
  103. Chongqing Special Steel Company
  104. Choral Society of Southern California
  105. Christian Social Service Commission
  106. Christian Social Services Commission
  107. Christian Spiritist Study Center
  108. Church Secondary School for Camden
  109. Cichlid Society of Southern California
  110. Circuits Signals Systems and Computers
  111. Cisco Secure Services Client
  112. Cisco Systems Service Control
  113. Citizen Soldier Support Council
  114. Civil Service Social Club
  115. Civil Service Sports Club
  116. Civil Society Steering Committee
  117. Civil Society Support Centers
  118. Clarington Speed Skating Club
  119. Clarkson Sheridan Soccer Club
  120. Clarkston Select Soccer Club
  121. Clean Stainless Steel Coupons
  122. Clear Spring Soccer Club
  123. Clementi Student Service Centre
  124. Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club
  125. Clinical Services and Standards Committee
  126. Clinical Services Steering Committee
  127. Clinical Signs and Symptoms Checklist
  128. Clinical Skills and Simulation Center
  129. Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre
  130. Clinical Specialty Supply Chain
  131. Clinical Studies Steering Committee
  132. Clinical Studies Support Center
  133. Clinical Systems Steering Committee
  134. Closed System Suction Catheter
  135. Closed System Suction Catheters
  136. Co Sponsored Symposium Committee
  137. Coalition of Students Seeking Change
  138. Coast Salish Sea Council
  139. Cody Sports and Social Club
  140. College of Science Student Council
  141. College of Sciences Student Council
  142. College Section Steering Committee
  143. College Ski and Snowboard Club
  144. College Square Swimming Club
  145. College Support Staff Committee
  146. College Supreme Student Council
  147. Colonial Shetland Sheepdog Club
  148. Colonie Senior Service Centers
  149. Colorado Springs Senior Center
  150. Colorado Springs Shrine Club
  151. Colorado Springs Soccer Club
  152. Colorado Springs Sports Corporation
  153. Combat Service Support College
  154. Combat Service Support Companies
  155. Combat Services Support Contract
  156. Combat Support Service Contract
  157. Commerce Square Shopping Center
  158. Commercial Service and Sales Centre
  159. Commission on Social and Special Concerns
  160. Committee of Secretaries of Security Councils
  161. Commodities Sourcing Services for Chain
  162. Common SUNY Support Center
  163. Communication Studies Student Conference
  164. Community Safety Support Centre
  165. Community School Site Council
  166. Community Security Select Committee
  167. Community Self Sufficiency Center
  168. Community Service Seminar Certificate
  169. Community Service Support Center
  170. Community Services of Stark County
  171. Community Services of Starke County
  172. Community Services Standing Committee
  173. Community Social Services Campaign
  174. Community Social Services Council
  175. Community Student Service Center
  176. Community Support Services Consultants
  177. Community Supports and Services Checklist
  178. Compatibility Stupid Source Control
  179. Compatibly Stupid Source Control
  180. Complexity Science and Society Conference
  181. Compliance Software Solutions Corp
  182. Compliance Software Solutions Corporation
  183. Comprehensive Scientific Study Convention
  184. Comprehensive Staffing Solutions of California
  185. Compulsory Social Security Code
  186. Computational and Social Sciences Center
  187. Computational Science Scientific Computing
  188. Computer and Statistical Sciences Center
  189. Computer Science and Statistics Center
  190. Computer Science Social Committee
  191. Computer Science Sub Committee
  192. Computer Service Solutions Consulting
  193. Computer Supported Scientific Collaboration
  194. Computer Systems Services Consulting
  195. Computing Science Summer Camps
  196. Computing Service and Support Center
  197. Computing Services Support Center
  198. Concordia Ski and Snowboard Club
  199. Conference Site Selection Committee
  200. Coniston Sports and Social Centre
  201. Connecticut Separation Science Council
  202. Connecticut Spring and Stamping Corp
  203. Connecticut Synchronized Skating Classic
  204. Consolidated Silesian Steel Company
  205. Consolidation of Services Study Commission
  206. Constitution State Service Company
  207. Consumer Sales and Service Center
  208. Container Surveillance and Storage Capability
  209. Context Sensitive Spelling Correction
  210. Control Systems Security Center
  211. Control Systems Service Center
  212. Cool Springs Scuba Club
  213. Coos Siskiyou Shippers Coalition
  214. Coral Springs Soccer Club
  215. Coral Springs Swim Club
  216. corn sweet seed crop
  217. Cornell Ski and Snowboard Club
  218. Cornwall Schoolboy Scramble Club
  219. Corporate Services Sub Committee
  220. Corporate Shared Service Center
  221. Corporate Shared Services Center
  222. Corporate Shared Services Centre
  223. cospas sarsat steering committee
  224. Council School Site Council
  225. Counseling and Social Services Center
  226. Counseling and Support Services Center
  227. Counseling Support Services Center
  228. Counter Strike Shooting Club
  229. Court Self Service Center
  230. Credential Student Service Center
  231. Crime Scene Services Command
  232. Cronulla Sutherland Supporters Club
  233. Curepipe Starlight Sporting Club
  234. Curepipe Starlight Sports Club
  235. Curry Senior Service Center
  236. Customer Sales Service Center
  237. Customer Service Skills Center
  238. Customer Service Solution Center
  239. Customer Service Supply Chain
  240. Customer Service Support Company
  241. Customer Software Support Center
  242. Customer Solution and Support Center
  243. Customer Support Services Cell
  244. Customer Support Services Center
  245. Czech and Slovak Solidarity Council
  246. Czech Slovak Satellite Center